The Attic Sessions

A War Memorial Auditorium Production

Produced by Alex Kursave

Filmed and Edited by Timothy Hiehle


Episode 15: Cherub 

The Nashville duo talk about fine tuning their craft together, Mexico and Jack Daniel's

Jason Huber and Jordan Kelley, the energetic duo that make up Cherub stopped in our Attic Lounge back in January. They have been a busy band, opening for bands such as Pretty Lights and touring non-stop these past couple months. They recently released their second LP Mom and Dad to great reception. Kelley's powerful falsetto sounded nothing short of perfect in the Attic and also introduced The Attic Lounge to it's first talk box solo. Cherub takes an 80's funk look at music and turns it into finely crafted songs that range from romantic to straight up party anthems. They started off with "Lyndenberries," a quiet, haunting tune that they also tried out in our auditorium. "Love You Right" was the next up, with Jason arming himself with an acoustic guitar which is a rarity for Cherub. In a long interview, Jordan and Jason talked of their love and appreciation for Nashville, and how they love surprising the people with stereotypical views of the city. The duo are roomates, and spend time writing together and separately in their home. The combination of great lyrical content and amazing riffs and beats, this duo is set to continue 

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