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Timothy Hiehle


Episode 11: Darrell Scott

The legendary songwriter and instrumentalist talks about his father, the state of country music and "the good news" about music today

To make our Attic Session with Darrell Scott an Attic Session and not a mini-documentary, was our biggest feat yet. Scott is somewhat of an encyclopedia of sorts. He has played and written with some of the most legendary songwriters in the history of music and has a discography that will stand the test of time. He played our War Memorial Auditorium last year with Robert Plant's Band of Joy, and was happy to be back. Scott is truly a triple threat, a legendary instrumentalist and guitarist, whilst having songwriting and singing down pat. His new album Long Ride Home, boasts songs written with the late Wayne Scott, Darrell's father, and artists such as Guy Clark and Patty Griffin. "My dad wrote because he had to," Scott says, which is something he himself does too. Even after writing commercial hits such as Travis Tritt's "It's A Great Day To Be Alive," Scott doesn't take the marketplace too seriously. He doesn't want his songs and his legacy sounding like piece-work or songs that have been broken down and place together. Scott first played "Someday," the second track off of Long Ride Home which struck us an amazing time piece of sorts which looks back over Darrell's life. The next was 'No Use Living For Today," which already sounds like an old standard. Towards the end of our time together, we talked to Scott about country music, the legacy of it, where it is today, and how he tuned out around the urban cowboy phase of country. Scott's theory is that great country music has never died and has moved on into Americana music, the lost world of great, true music that is not mainstream pop/country. Grab his latest record Long Ride Home here, and delve into what is some of the best songwriting you will hear in music today.

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