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Timothy Hiehle


Episode 10: Nikki Lane 


The South Carolina songstress stops by to talk oversleeping, country music and bending and breaking in the music business.

       The Attic Lounge has needed some country music and some good ol fashioned chicken pickin’ for a while now. We decided to invite the lovely Nikki Lane and friends up to our space for a session of tunes and a whole lotta conversation. Nikki Lane is an East Nashville ambassador, living there, working there, and fine tuning her craft of songwriting there. She began the wonderful High Class Hillbilly, a store full of great vintage finds that lies across from the popular hangout Edgefield Bar in East Nashville.

                Nikki’s music could be defined with many genres. Some would call it Alternative Country, Americana, Singer Songwriter etc. The best part about her music is it is natural and authentic. She writes songs about things that mean something to her, or someone close to her. It all comes out with a bit of a twang, something Lane said she has tried to shake, in vain. Nikki started off by playing her wonderful “Sleep for You,” a slow song that can easily put you in a trance is a song written not by Nikki, but about her inkling to sleep for 15 hours at a time. Lane is an interesting songwriter, especially in East Nashville because of her knack for covering her friend’s songs, having co-writing appointments and writing on her own material. Nashville is a huge co-writing town, but that mainly happens on the Westside of the city, on Music Row. From there Nikki went into “Lies,” a breakup anthem with plenty of fine guitar work by Sean Thompson and perfect harmonies sung by Nikki’s partner in crime Carrie Kotsionis.

                Towards the end of our session, Nikki talked about the music business, making money, and something that struck a chord with me about how you are what you make money off of, to some extent. Purchase Nikki’s latest album Walk of Shame here.

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