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Episode 3: Keegan DeWitt


 The songwriter/composer speaks of Rome, romance and how to get your three songs out of that new guitar

                At the beginning of our third Attic Session with Nashville songwriter Keegan DeWitt, we quickly learned how to record a small indie/pop band in a small Attic space. Amidst the pouring of Jack Daniel’s to occupy the band, we arranged the players as well as we could in our small space. Everyone found their space and with some whiskey, everyone soon hit their stride.

                Keegan DeWitt, the band leader, hails from Oregon and has been playing, writing and performing from an early age. Early on in school, DeWitt befriended film-director Aaron Katz, and together they began to collaborate. Katz went on to direct and write "Colder Weather," “Dance Party U.S.A.” and "Quiet City,” with DeWitt scoring all films. His songwriting career has been no less impressive, with being named Paste Magazine’s “10 Best Solo Artists of 2010” and “The Best of What’s Next.” He's lived in L.A., and been worked in NYC with their sometimes infamous "pitbull posturing," but claims that Nashville is the place to be.

                After the band was ready, they went into their pop driven, melodic “Two Hearts,” a song not easily forgotten. “Two Hearts” is the “this is it song” in the love song category. “It’s turning into that final groove, and I hadn’t reached that yet.”

                DeWitt is an established songwriter, despite his many shows every year. “Tour seems glamorous,” DeWitt said. “It’s not.” One of the main problems many songwriters we come across face is the beginning of a new record or the inspiration for a new batch of songs. DeWitt spoke to the fact of how playing guitar everyday makes you find new ways to be creative. DeWitt seems to look in many different places from film scoring to acting, to even his DJ moniker Wild Cub. The band slowed things down after that, going into the hypnotizing “Reluctance,” very conversational song, or as DeWitt refers to it “a sad bastard song.” Keegan spoke about the trivial aspects of beauty before love and the feeling of knowing something just isn’t right before that occurs.  

                Wrapping up a session and a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, we traveled out to the stairwell of the Attic Lounge for an impromptu jam of their unreleased song “Wishing Well”. We followed with cameras, not missing a chance to see our Lounge door used as a percussion instrument.

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